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Seit einiger Zeit vertreibe ich auch Saiten für Zupf- und Streichinstrumente von AQUILA. Ich verrate kaum grosse Neuigkeiten wenn ich hier betone, dass diese Saiten mit zum Besten gehören, was derzeit für Laute oder Streichinstrumente zu bekommen ist. AQUILA bietet verschiedene Typen von Saiten an:

SEICENTO is distributing music strings by AQUILA for stringed instruments (lutes, viols, etc.). It's not a secret that AQUILA strings are of very high quality. AQUILA is producing different types of strings:
New Nylgut

1. Rectified Nylgut Type "NNG"

Nylgut has the same gut's density (gauges are the same of the gut) and acoustical qualities similar to that material.

Gauges from 36 -104 / String lenght: 120cm
Prices: 3,30 € each string

2. Thick Nylgut Extrabasses Type "NGE"

Specificially designed for the diapasons of Archlutes and Theorbos / Chitarroni and for early and mordern harps. Brilliant acoustical qualities!

Gauges from 62 -160 / String length: 200cm
Prices: 7,70€ each string


3. Wound Strings Type "D"

First quality wound strings vernished with copper wire!

Gauges from 73 -260 / String lenght: 105cm
Prices from 3,20€ - 5,50€ dependinmg on its gauge

Other string lenghts like 120cm, 140cm, 160cm  or 180cm on request.


4. Loaded Nylgut Type "CD" and "CDL"

The CD bass Lute & Baroque guitar strings are smooth synthetic loaded strings  characterized by a high, standardized specific weight, achieved by a loading extruding process with very  thin metallic copper powder made in the range of 115 CD till 220 CD.

Diameters smaller than 115 CD are manufactured with an half loading degree, in order to be useful for the  4 & 5th Lute courses (called  in the past ‘meanes’) . We  do not use Mercury or Lead compounds; we use thin metallic copper powder (that is not toxic).

Surface: raf; same of rectified gut. The strings are available only in 120cm string length.

Acoustical properties and field of application

Strong, warm  and percussive tone, without the excessive brightness typical of modern wound strings, perfectly coherent with the tone and dynamics character of gut strings as well a synthetic strings. Excellent tuning stability; far better than any plain gut, synthetics and wound strings available today.

What does 140 CD mean?

To keep calculations simple and make it possible to use any available string-calculator, CD  synthetic loaded  strings, as well as wound Nylgut ones and the D type, are referred to by a letter following a number indicating the theoretical equivalent diameter of a solid plain gut string.

E. g. “140 CD” stands for a loaded string (indicated by the letter “CD” ) corresponding to a high twist gut of 1.40 mm. in diameter.

The actual diameter of the strings is, of course, smaller but under playing conditions it will have the same working tension as a gut string of 1.40 mm. diameter at equal pitch and same string length.

These strings are available as:   "CD"  =  120cm length   and   "CDL"  =  150cm lenght.

Gauges from 75CD to 220CD (120cm) and 90CDL to 180CDL (150cm)
Prices from 7,30€ - 10,30€, depending on its gauge.


5. Darmsaiten / Gut Strings

1. Oiled smooth beef gut strings - Type HL

    (for plucked instruments only)
     Available in the following lengths:

     90 cm from diameter .36 mm to .46 mm (1st strings)
    120 cm from diameter .48 mm to 1.08 mm (fretted strings and octaves)
    180 cm from diameter .62 mm to 1.60 mm (from 1.08 for long diapasons)

    No other lengths are available.

2. Double Twist - Type "V"

    "V" strings possess a remarkable degree of elasticity and pliability, superior to any strings currently on the

     Acoustical properties and field of application
     Strong and warm tone, without the excessive brightness typical of wound strings, perfectly coherent with
     the tone and dynamics character of gut high strings. Excellent in staying in tune, better than any plain Gut,
     Nylon, Nylgut and wound strings available today. Indispensable for Renaissance and Baroque stringing till
     the 1st half of the 17th century, in the strictest respect to authenticity.

    Prices and gauges on request!
Welche Saiten für Ihr Instrument?

Wenn Sie wissen möchten, welche Saiten Sie für Ihr Instrument brauchen und was diese kosten, schicken Sie mir einfach ein Fax oder ein Mail mit Angaben zum Instrument :

- welches Instrument (Laute, Gitarre, Gambe, etc.)
- welche Stimmung (z.B. Theorbe in A oder G)
- welcher Stimmton (a=440/415Hz?)
- Länge der Mensur.

Ich mache Ihnen dann ein persönliches Angebot!

Wichtig !!!

Da ich nicht alle Darmsaiten für die vielen verschiedenen Instrumente und Mensuren am Lager halten kann bestelle ich die Saiten erst, nachdem Ihre Bestellung bei mir eingegangen ist. Ich denke, dass man üblicherweise in der Regel bereits rechtzeitig vorher weiß, ob und wann man neue Saiten braucht, und insofern - wenn nicht gleich mehrere Saiten auf einmal reissen - in Ruhe die Lieferung abwarten kann. NYLGUT-Saiten habe ich (fast) immer am Lager und sofort lieferbar.


meine Preise sind die Aquila-Preise. Für Verkäufe innerhalb der EU berechne ich keinerlei Aufschläge. Es kommen lediglich 19% MWSt. und Versandkosten hinzu.
Which strings for your instrument?

If you would like to know which strings you need and how much you will have to pay for send me just a fax or a mail with some information of your instrument

- which instrument (Lute, Guitar, Viol, etc.)
- which tuning (Theorbo in A oder G, etc.)
- a=415Hz / a=440Hz / a= ? Hz
- string length.

I'll make you a personal offer then!

Important !!!

Unfortunately it is impossible to have gut strings for all different types of instruments, string lenghts, diameters, etc. in stock. I order the strings immediately when I have received your order. Of course It takes a bit more time, but I think that usually you know in advance if and when you need new strings. NYLGUT strings I do have in stock!


My prices are the same as shown in the Aquila pricelist. Inside the EC I only have to add 19% VAT and the postage costs.